13' Long 22" Diameter Tubes 

Tubes are fabricated from recycled aluminum pulled from boats headed to the scrap yard or landfill. Tubes are baffled at the nose cone and are pressurized to 40psi. Heavy Duty Keel welded on bottom of tubes with a single seam weld from front to rear. . 

3" C-Channel with 16" Span

Just as the Tubes the C-Channel is fabricated from recycled materials. The span is 16" on center to increase stability, strengthen floor integrity, and limit flexing from motor torque. 


Pressed Recycled Plastic Deck Floor

The plastic is recycled from trash extricated out of ocean waters, and is pressed into sheets. VIS Boats uses the 1/2" HDPE Reprocessed plastic sheets by welding them together for the boat decking in place of the traditional marine-grade plywood. 


Among the many benefits associated with using reprocessed plastic as opposed to plywood is the plastic does not degrade over time and it does not absorb moisture. Plywood no matter how it is initially treated begins degrading with time and will absorb moisture. The extra water weight absorbed in the plywood causes boat performance degradation.