VP22 Electric Pontoon

Say hello to the 22' advanced tech, highly capable, and the high-performance pontoon that offers unrivaled luxury for party on the water. 

Electric motors allow you to enjoy nature around you without the noise. 


Zero emissions into our lakes and resevoirs. 

Quiet and still powerful

8 hours on a single charge

VP22topview copy.png

Clean. Powerful.

Travel across Lake Michigan on a single charge


High quality - high tech

30+ mph speed

8 hours of water time on a single charge.

Extremely quiet so you can enjoy the conversation

Zero emissions

88% cheaper for a day on the water.

7” touchscreen display with onboard diagnostics and navigation

Rear ski camera display

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 hits the water

The VP22 7” touchscreen display is fully equipped with diagnostics and navigation, with a full battery management system.

With the rear ski camera display, you don't have to constantly look back to see your skiers. 



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Pre-order the VP22 and experience the luxury of a high-tech high-performance electric pontoon.

Starting price of $93,000

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